Customs Brokerage

Our dedicated customs brokerage division is staffed with seasoned and knowledgeable licensed brokers. With many years of experience in successfully managing import compliance and clearance issues, we are well equipped to provide top notch support to assure the most favorable results for your commercial import shipments. We offer customized analysis and advance planning to make certain that import clearance activities remain in compliance, not only with US Customs & Border Protection regulations but also with the many other US government agencies that may be involved in the transaction.

In addition to standard entry processing, we offer a number of value-added and specialty services, including Importer Security Filing, Remote Location Filing, US Customs Bonds, Duty Drawback, Tariff Classification Determination, CBP Ruling Requests, Consulting, and Compliance Training.

Please contact our customs brokerage division to further evaluate what we can do streamline and add value to your import clearance process.


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