MITSUI-SOKO has years of experience in supporting the supply-chain requirements of automotive vendors, suppliers and manufacturers in the U.S., in Mexico, and at overseas origin ports.  With strong ties to the automotive industry, we offer a specialized track of services designed to optimize seamless and reliable cargo flow. 

Our Chicago facility provides import, export, Customs clearance, warehouse storage and domestic transport services to meet the JIT requirements of automotive clients throughout the Midwest manufacturing corridor. Located in the ‘center’ of North America, it serves as a convenient distribution center for the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

In El Paso, we operate a warehouse facility dedicated to Tier 2 automotive parts suppliers. Strategically located near the El Paso/Juarez border, our experienced bilingual team manages shipments both to and from Mexico with a sharp focus on fast and dependable cross-border movement.  Warehouse storage, customs clearance, pedimento oversight, supply-chain management and cargo tracking  are among the many services available to automotive companies with operations in Mexico.