FTZ (Foreign Trade Zone)

Mitsui-Soko's El Paso Warehouse has been granted approval by USCBP to operate as a Foreign Trade Zone, expanding its current menu of storage and cross-border services to include a new array of value-added benefits. With Juarez, Mexico firmly established as a key hub of international manufacturing activities, Mitsui-Soko 's close proximity to truck-crossing ports of entry and the El Paso International Airport offer both convenience and a strategic advantage to importers and exporters in need of short-term storage and specialized handling of essential inventories. As Mitsui-Soko El Paso also serves as a gateway to eastern Texas, additional services are available to support local logistics needs.

Highlighting just a few of the many advantages of using a Foreign Trade Zone warehouse:

  • No bond required! All admissions to a Zone are covered under the FTZ operators’ Customs bond. This offers a good opportunity for importers that do not have a customs bond and wish to export cargo into other countries, such as Mexico.
  • Customs entry is filed just prior to removal of goods from the Zone and only for amount of goods to be removed.
  • Duties are due only upon entry for U.S. consumption. Under “privileged” status, the duty rate will be that of which is in effect at the time of admission or withdrawal. Even if the tariff rate increases, the duty rate at which it was admitted or withdrawn will apply.
  • While stored in the Zone, Foreign & Domestic cargo is not subject to state & local inventory tax (i.e. property tax).
  • Merchandise may be stored indefinitely.
  • Various activities are permitted within the Zone, such as inspection of goods, repackaging, repairing, testing, cleaning, assembly, salvage, destruction, or re-export.
  • For damaged cargo, residual waste or otherwise non-usable merchandise that is destroyed inside the Zone, no duty is paid.